Whether you’re looking for a new spot to take a morning walk, you’re looking for your next challenge, or you’re trying to find a good family park for a picnic, New Jersey’s local and state parks have the best spots for every person.
Before heading off to the trails, we’ve added just how close we are to each park that way you can grab your jacket and perfect-fit hiking boots and start your trek on the right foot.
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Manasquan Reservoir
This reservoir is 5.1 miles in length with beautiful views all around. There is an environmental center that is great for kids and learning more about the environment in New Jersey. The multi-use trail follows the perimeter of the reservoir and can be used for biking, walking, running, etc.
Distance from...
Ocean location:  25 min - 12 miles
Morristown location: 1hr 15 min - 65 miles
East Brunswick location: 35 min - 25 miles

Brick Reservoir
This reservoir is 120 acres. The loop of pavement is a beautiful, clean area for running and walking. This area is very handicap friendly with ramps and parking ready. The safe environment is perfect for taking the kids out for the day. There are also stop-offs for relaxing for a coffee in the morning or to take a break from your workout.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 20 min - 13 miles
Morristown location: 1hr 11 min - 73 miles
East Brunswick location: 37 min - 31 miles

Allaire Orange Trail
This trail has 6.5 miles of perfect outside beauty. This is best for an easy local walk, the trails closest to the parking and nature center are most interesting, but, avid hikers and those looking for a challenge won’t find much interest here.  
Distance from…
Ocean location:  16 min - 12 miles
Morristown location: 1hr 6 min - 65 miles
East Brunswick location: 35 min - 30 miles

6 Mile Run State Park
This park is a 6.6 mile loop trail located near Hillsborough, NJ. There are beautiful flowers and greenery and the trail will leave you just a little winded for first-timers. There are a number of activity options and dogs are also able to use the trail, leash required.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 50 min - 38 miles
Morristown location: 40 min - 35 miles
East Brunswick location: 20 min - 10 miles

Sourland Mountain Preserve
This preserve is a moderate 5.4 miles. There is a ‘Ridge Trail’ that is filled with rocky land with minor elevation gain. Although the trail is deemed the ‘ridge trail’ there are no views from any of them. Other activities allowed: mountain biking, horseback riding, and bouldering are also allowed.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 1hr 10 min - 55 miles
Morristown location: 40 min - 31 miles
East Brunswick location: 40 min - 23 miles

Cheesequake State Park
Open fields, saltwater and freshwater marshes, a white cedar swamp, and more are located in this perfect little slice of New Jersey outdoors. There are 5 designated trails in this park. The Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue trails are used for hiking and walking. The White trail can be used for hiking and mountain biking. These trails range anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 miles and can be easy to moderate depending on the hiker and trail.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 30 min - 23 miles
Morristown location: 45 min - 40 miles
East Brunswick location: 20 min - 11 miles

Thompson Park
There is a 4.9 mile paved trail in this scenic park. Featuring a shaded playground area, creative arts center, off-leash dog area, fields, and meadows, the park is the perfect outing for the family or for a quick run.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 30 min - 18 miles
Morristown location: 53 min - 49 miles
East Brunswick location: 30 min - 18 miles

Liberty State Park
Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island are the backdrops to this green area of land. Liberty walk, a two mile promenade, connects to the picnic area while also showcasing the beautiful view of the Hudson River. Also located here is the Liberty Science Center.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 1hr - 51 miles
Morristown location: 36 min - 29 miles
East Brunswick location: 38 min - 33 miles

Parvin State Park
Parvin State Park is rich in history, wildlife, and natural beauty. Swimming is allowed in Parvin lake, fishing and boating are also permitted in Thundergust Lake and Muddy Run as well. Trails open for hiking, biking, running, and wheelchair accessible.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 2hrs - 104 miles
Morristown location: 2hrs 15 min - 125 miles
East Brunswick location: 1hr 30 min - 94 miles

Saddle River County Park
This park is a 577 acre linear park that has five designated areas linked together with a multipurpose path. The bike and hike path is six miles in length and travels through six different spots as well as under Rt. 4. There are shaded picnic areas, ponds, playgrounds, tennis courts, and athletic fields.
Distance from…
Ocean location: 1hr 15 min - 62 miles
Morristown location: 30 min - 27 miles
East Brunswick location: 50 min - 47 miles