5 Trends to Follow for the Summer

Summertime is always a breeze and the hot days are usually filled with sunshine on the beach and plenty of ice cream and barbecue. But, the fashion always seems to shift just a little as time goes by. Here are some summer style essentials that have shown up on our fashion radar and how you can copy the look:

1. Chino Shorts

It’s expected you will be hot this summer, so shorts are typically a number one go-to for most guys. This season, chino shorts are a huge style trend because of their versatility. Our favorite is the Tommy Bahama Boracay Chino Short. If those shorts aren’t your speed, opt for Nautica’s Classic Deck Shorts for a longer, more old-school look and more color options.

2. Floral Shirts

Florals are definitely not going anywhere this season. The trend started gaining more traction in the spring, but this summer you will see more people wearing floral prints. Our go to floral options are Tommy Bahama’s Camp Shirts in San Matera Gardens and Fuego Flora, you’ll be looking fuego in these button ups.

3. Shoes: Boat Shoe vs. Sneaker

Boat shoes are practically a necessity in the heat, they are the perfect casual shoe and they pair well with just about every outfit while also giving you a preppy look. But, this summer you’ll be seeing people sport a more athletic look with sneakers- both for sport and leisure. We suggest the Florshiem Lakeside Oxford Boat Shoe and the New Balance 880 Running Sneaker to complement whichever look you like best.

4. Pink

The color you’re going to want to own this season: Pink. Everyone is wearing some version of this color, whether that be pink shorts, polos, or button ups, you will be dressed up just enough to look put together and be showing off your summer tan. If you’re going to be at work and still want to sport this color, try the Enro Non Iron Town Creek Dress Shirt in Pink. Or, if you’re looking to really go into the florals, try this tropical shirt by Izod:

5. Baby Blue

The other color you’re going to want to watch out for is Baby Blue. Whether it be baby blue shirts, shorts, and/or accessories, this is the perfect lightweight summer color. For a more relaxed version of the bold color, try the Tommy Bahama Coastal Crest IslandZone Polo. Or, if you want to step outside your comfort zone, try this bold Polo Short in a baby blue:

Summer is a great time to experiment with different looks and colors. This summer, head to any one of our locations or online to check out new arrivals for this season so you can stay on trend and feel great while doing so.