We've compiled a list of 5 big and tall athletes, who dominate in their sports. The following athletes would easily be able to find all their fashion needs at Frank’s Big and Tall.


Aaron Judge

Judge has suited up in a giant New York Yankees jersey for two seasons. He is 6’ & 7” and weighs 282 lbs.

Career Stats

Judge won the Home Run Derby this year and at the time of this blog, he has 45 home runs and 100 RBIs. An outstanding feat for a young player like himself.


Lawrence Taylor

Taylor spent his entire storied career with the New York Giants, who had to find a jersey to fit his 6’ 3” frame and weight of 240 lbs. Currently, he is an avid golfer that visits our locations when he participates in local tournaments.

Career Stats

During his impressive career, Taylor was 2x Super Bowl champion and a 3x NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He also played in the Pro Bowl 10 times and racked up 132.5 sacks in his entire career.


Shaquille O’Neal

Throughout his career, Shaq suited up in the jersey of the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics. All of those teams had to find jerseys for Shaq’s height of 7’ 1’ and weight of 325 lbs.

Career Stats

O’Neal averaged 23.7 points per game and 10.9 rebounds per game.

Zdeno Chara

Chara currently plays for the Boston Bruins. In the past, the New York Islanders and Ottawa Senators also had to get a huge jersey for Chara, who stands at 6’ 9” and weighs 256 lbs.

Career Stats

So far, Chara has racked up 188 goals and 416 assists in his career.


Zlatan Ibrahimović

Malmö FF, Ajax, Juventus, Internazionale, Barcelona, Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United have all needed to find jerseys that fit Ibrahimović’s, who is much larger than most soccer players. He is 6’ 5” and weighs 209 lbs.

Career Stats

Ibrahimović currently has 252 career goals.