5 Tools for Fashion Forward Men

Fashion is a great way to express yourself and make a good impression. Staying on top of trends can be tricky, especially in today's fast-paced world. Luckily, there are several different tools for fashion-forward men that can help you stay on trend and look your best. 


Twitter isn't just for celebrity gossip. Designers, retailers, and businesses use Twitter daily to keep in touch with their market and stay on top of evolving trends. To make your Twitter feed work for you, follow designers and brands that appeal to you. By checking daily, you'll be able to spot new looks that work for you and be the first one to know when old ones are out.


Do you need help putting together creative outfits on a daily basis? There's an app for that! Cloth is an interactive app for your smartphone that organizes your wardrobe and helps with outfit suggestions. 


Another app that can save you time in the morning is Swackett. This app will make outfit suggestions based on the weather, saving you time and potentially embarrassing incidents involving sweaty or rain-drenched clothes.


Online shopping is essential for a busy lifestyle, but it's easy to overspend if you're not paying attention. That's why we love Hukkster. This online tool allows you to save items you browse online and will alert you via text when the price drops so that you can stay on trend and budget. 


No, it's not just for crafters DIYers.  Pinterest is an excellent tool for men who want creative ideas for their wardrobe. It allows you to save boards of possible outfits or designers in all sorts of categories giving you a wide variety of ideas all year long.

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