Accessories to Keep Your Favorite Jacket In Style

Jackets are a necessity in the cold weather, but they can sometimes be bulky and shapeless. To keep your favorite winter jacket in style, accessorize it with items that are up to date with the latest style trends and get as much life out of it as possible. Here are some great ways to accessorize your favorite jackets.


Scarves are an easy way to add some luxury and sophistication to your otherwise plain jacket or coat. Take, for instance, this Polo Ralph Lauren reversible scarf. The dark-colored wool makes it easy to coordinate with other accessories and will keep you warm all season. When choosing a scarf, go for a neutral dark color that accents the color of your coat.


Hats are an easy way to add some personality to your winter apparel. The classic beanie is a youthful way to stay in style while keeping warm, and you can find one in pretty much any color or style. Try choosing a beanie in a subtle color found on your jacket, for a contrasting style. If beanies aren't for you, try a trapper style hat with faux fur flaps. Nothing keeps you warmer than this style, and it's easy to match it to what you already have at home.


If your favorite jacket is a more formal style, like a peacoat, invest in a good pair of leather gloves. This classic, sophisticated pairing never goes out of style and will give your older coat a refreshed look. If you have a more casual coat, thick-lined nylon gloves may be a good choice. It's important to stay in the same style lane of your coat in order to make your new accessories work for you.

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