Boxers, Briefs or Both Combined

Ah, the age-old question. Boxers or briefs? When it comes to underwear, it's all about personal comfort. Every man knows what kind of undies they prefer. Or do they? If you haven't explored the many different options when it comes to your unmentionables, maybe you should. Here are the three main underwear styles explained.

Classic Briefs

Long before Tom Cruise made them famous by sliding into the room in his tighty-whities and sunglasses, the classic underwear brief has been a staple in many men's dresser drawers. Briefs are usually 100% cotton, like these from Jockey, and are designed with comfort in mind. They fit under every type of pants, from a suit to jeans and keep you dry while staying in place. 

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts, named after the loose-fitting athletic shorts boxers wore in the 1930s, were designed for men looking for a little less cling in their underwear. They quickly became popular due to the freedom it gave to men who had more active jobs or lifestyles. Like briefs, most boxer shorts are 100% cotton and have an elastic waistband, like these boxers from Majestic. Boxers come in a wide variety of fabrics, colors and styles, but plaid is the most commonly found choice. If you have an active lifestyle and experience chafing or uncomfortable rubbing while wearing briefs, give boxers a try.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs combine the best of both briefs and boxers. They are form-fitting like briefs, but feature a longer length, hitting about mid-thigh. Boxer briefs appeal to men looking for comfort but need a little bit more versatility than the form-fitting brief. Perfect for active lifestyles, boxer briefs like these from 2UNDR, are the ultimate in comfort and durability.

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