Different Types of Socks for Your Everyday Needs

Socks are a necessity that have been around for thousands of years. Did you know the ancient Greeks wore socks made of matted animal hair? Thankfully we have moved beyond that and wear socks made from soft materials like cotton and polyester. Nowadays there are different varieties of socks for different occasions and different shoes. Let's take a look at different types of socks for your everyday needs.

The Crew Sock

Short crew socks are usually 100% cotton and work great with many different shoes. The length depends on personal preference and comes in ankle cut, short or long. Crew socks, like these from Wigwam, are affordable and comfortable and last even after many washes. Crew socks are cushioned, making them extra comfy, even just for bumming around the house without shoes.

The Dress Sock

Dress shoes require thinner socks. A thick crew sock would make your dress shoes tight and uncomfortable, so longer more delicate socks are necessary. These great dress socks from EuroChoice won't squeeze your calves or slide down with movement and come in a variety of colors. 

The Work Sock

Black work socks are great for men who have active professions or lifestyles. They work great with heavy work boots or professional shoes and stand up to a lot of walking and climbing. If you have a rough job, you need rough socks. 

The Tube Sock

Favored by athletes, classic tube socks will always be in style. These durable fully cushioned white socks, like these from Wigwam, are usually longer in length and made from a cotton-nylon blend. These are great if you play sports or just live a generally active lifestyle.

Here at Frank's Big and Tall, we carry all sorts of socks for all sorts of occasions. Come check out any of our locations in East Brunswick, Ocean Township and Morristown to browse all our socks, and anything else you may need for your wardrobe.