Face Shape and Tie Knots

Your face shape matters when it comes to figuring out how to tie your tie. Surprising, we know- you’d think it’s just some way to be creative but it can actually change the way you look! Slimming a rounder face down, or accentuating a defined jaw can take your 100% look to a 110%. In this article, we talk about three of the most popular and generic face shapes, round, angular, and oval. Stay tuned to see how you can tie these knots too!


If your face shape is round, this means you have fuller cheeks, a shorter neck, and typically a less defined jaw.

In this case, you should opt for the four in hand or the half windsor tie. Because the knots are on the smaller size, these ties will help slim your face down some and also alleviate some of the pressure around your neck that can happen when using a different tie.


If your face shape is angular, this means you either have more defined cheekbones and a pointed chin or your face is more rectangular with a more U shaped chin.

Try the full windsor or the half windsor. Because these knots can be on the bigger side, the ties will help accentuate the best features of your face, your angled cheekbones and the strength of your chin by pulling the eye to the most defined parts of your face. 


You can tell if you have an oval face shape if your face tends to be longer rather than wider; your high cheekbones are the widest point of your face- similar to a round face shape, but there is more length to your face.

To help highlight your best attributes, try the full windsor, half windsor, or four in hand. Because your face shape is the most versatile, depending on the size of your face, you can use any of these ties to really help bring your look together.


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