Fleece – The Underrated Fabric

Fleece isn't just for pajama pants or blankets. When the cold weather hits, nothing keeps you warmer than fleece. Although named for the wooly coat of a sheep, fleece is an entirely man-made material designed for warmth and comfort. This material works wonders in the winter, keeping you warm in even frigid temperatures. Let's take a look at some underrated fleece wardrobe pieces.

Fleece-lined Jackets and Coats

Winter coat fabric on its own can feel cool to the touch since most are made to repel the freezing air. With a coat lined with fleece, you always have a layer of soft warmth while the top layer keeps the cold away. This helps keep your core warm even in extremely low temperatures.

Performance Fleece

Performance fleece refers to coats and activewear made with a sleek fleece that's perfect for running or hiking outdoors. This performance fleece from Polo can take you from your workout to running errands with a versatile fabric that keeps you warm while looking casual.

Fleece Pullovers

When you're heading out in the cold but don't want to bundle up with a bulky coat, a fleece pullover is a perfect option. Pullovers have the casual appeal of a sweater, but double as a light jacket. This pullover from Izod is the perfect example.

Fleece Sweatshirts

Fleece sweatshirts are the main part of the ultimate comfy weekend outfit. This blue sweatshirt from Izod is fleece lined for optimum warmth and can be thrown out with jeans, sweats or active pants for a brisk jog or to walk the dogs. A fleece sweatshirt will always be a classic winter favorite when it comes to dressing warmly and comfortably.

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