How To Add More Color To Your Daily Wardrobe

We know that day-to-day fashion is often normalized to the same old suit, sportshirt, trousers, etc. so you typically don’t look much different from Monday to Friday and all of the days in between. One of the number one things that often gets overlooked is the color that you add to your wardrobe on a daily basis. You stick to the same suit each week that often other colors look too out of your league. But at Frank’s, we want to make sure you’re dressing to the best of your ability and as much as your wallet will allow! Here are some tips and tricks to brighten up your look.

Add a colorful pocket square.

Pocket squares can be a fun tool to use when wearing your favorite worn in suit. Also, you are able to style them in different ways with fun folds to try out every day. If you’re having trouble picking out the perfect one, check out our other blog post all about pocket squares.


Try a bold tie.

A lot of people play around with the look of their ties and to keep it simple, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Frank’s is here to save the day with the perfect solution. Depending on the color shirt you are wearing, your tie should be bold enough that you are able to tell what the pattern/color is. For example, a light blue shirt and navy paisley tie pair well. As you can see, if you’re wearing neutral colors, a brighter tie can liven up your outfit.

If you feel like you aren’t quite ready for a statement piece, try fun socks.

Ditch your boring socks and trade them in for some fun colored or patterned socks like the Robert Graham Chirala Socks. The best part, only you will know about them. But, if your pants are hemmed to just the right length, you might be able to show them off just a little bit so everyone can get a sneak peek.

Whether you are adding a pop of color with a pocket square, or you’re sporting some funky socks, adding color to your wardrobe is fun. Adding color is a way to feel like you’re changing things up and not breaking the bank or compromising who you are in the process. Check out your local Frank’s store to see what fun colors they have that catch your eye.