How To Layer Up In Style

Layering is essential for cold weather fashion. You need to be able to stay cool during unexpected warm days and warm during the evening when the temperatures drop. So how do you layer appropriately in the colder months? Here's how to layer up in style.

Make Sure Each Layer Works Separately

When you're layering outfits for cold weather, you want to make sure each layer is equally stylish and appropriate for the setting or event you're attending. For example, you don't want to take off your nice sweater when it gets too warm at the office to reveal your favorite baseball tee. Instead, try layering your sweaters on top of a button-down shirt like this one from Enro. It's light enough to pair with a more substantial layer without causing you to overheat.

Start Thin to Thick

When shopping for layers, always start with thinner material and work your way up to thicker pieces. A cotton t-shirt followed by a sweatshirt, followed by a warm winter coat is the proper procedure. You don't want to pair a thick wool sweater under a warm sportcoat, you'll still be too warm once you take the top layer off. This method also gives your outfit some depth and texture as opposed to just bulk.

Layer Colors Too

When choosing layers, you may run the risk of clashing colors that don't quite work together. Stick with tonal layers, like greys with blacks and light blues with navy. Following this method will mean that you'll match whether you keep all the layers on or not. For example, try this light blue tee from Tommy Bahama with this navy cable-knit sweater from Polo. Both work separately but compliment each other when worn together.

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