How To Properly Match Your Shoes to Your Outfit

You’ve got your outfit, but now what?

You look incredible, but now deciding on what pair of shoes to wear is your current dilemma. We get it, we’ve been there. Your faithful pair of shoes are the comfiest, but you can’t exactly wear sneakers with your suit. We wanted to solve this problem by giving you an easy go to guide on how to match the best shoes with your rockin’ outfit.

The kind of pants you’re wearing matters!


Wearing Shorts?

Stick to no-show socks and slip on any of your favorite street shoes. Street shoes consist of sneakers, boat shoes, sandals, and any other day to day casual wear. You can snag our New Balance 940 running sneaker if you’re on the go and looking for a comfy, classic fit.

Wearing Jeans?

Again, stick to no-show socks and casual shoes or street shoes. Jeans are so versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the shoe you choose to wear. Stick to sneakers/boat shoes if you want to keep it casual. If you’re looking for a fancier look, grab some in-style boots or casual loafers.

Rocking some Chinos?

Wear your casual crew socks, nothing too fancy, and only go for your casual shoes. This includes your favorite pair of loafers! If you’re feeling a little more casual, go for sneakers with your day out outfit, or if you’re going for fashion forward, get a new pair of ankle boots to style with your chinos. Don’t forget, not everything in your outfit has to be fashion forward, check out our blog post on what it really means to follow the trends.

Got your best trousers on?

Instead of your casual crew, break out your casual dress socks (patterns included) and grab your fancy dancin’ shoes, you’re the big man on the block tonight. These pants are the fanciest yet, which means your shoes have to be on par with the rest of your outfit.

Last but not least, if you’re wearing a suit…

Pick out your favorite formal dress socks, preferably in a color that coordinates with your shoe. With a suit, you want to make sure you have on your fancy dress shoes like our Florsheim Welles Cap-Toe Dress shoe.


 If you’re lost on what kind of shoes to get with what you’re picking up at Frank’s, ask one of our seasoned sales associates for the right fit and the right style. Shopping online? Check out our over 40+ blog posts to see if we already have the answer for you!