How To Go From Day To Night In A Pinch

We all know the infamous, “Let’s go out to happy hour after work,” phrase, and while we always want to go, nobody wants to go to the bar in a suit. You’ll overheat, get dirty, and it just isn’t a great look for the casual event. No worries though, we have some quick tips and tricks for how to ditch the work attire and go for a night look in just a few minutes.


Step one:

Ditch your jacket and tie if you’ve already got them on. That’s right, lose them! There aren’t exactly many bars that require a suit and tie for admission, so why bother being fancy for just a couple of drinks?

Step Two:

Lose a button or two of your dress shirt and roll up the sleeves a little. Unbuttoning a little gives your business look, a dressed down feel that is perfect for a quick drink with the coworkers. Not to mention, rolling up your sleeves a little is both perfect for casual look and practical so you don’t get dirty. Thankfully, if you have one of our Enro Non Iron Shirts, your shirt should still be pretty crisp and clean, ready for whatever the night entails.

Step Three:

If you have a pair of our Polo Ralph Lauren Flat Front chinos on, an idea could be to cuff them twice to show some ankle, giving you a preppy laid-back look (see photo). If you have less fitted dress pants on, we suggest leaving them as is.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to dress for night time events and getting ready for a night look on short notice can be intimidating. With these steps you’ll be able to switch over to happy hour in just a few minutes--first round, not on us!