How Your Black Clothes Are Your Secret Weapons

It’s no secret that black is a staple color for just about everyone. It’s easy to match with and it looks perfect on all shapes and sizes. There are so many ways to use the color with your daily wardrobe, but, did you know that it could actually be your secret weapon?


Black is a slimming color.

This is no shocker for anyone, I’m sure. But, the way you wear your black clothes can make your shape appear slimmer. If you’re wearing black on black or if you’re wearing black and another color, you will be able to master this practice in no time. We suggest trying our Jack Victor Pleated Slacks or if you’re going for a slimmer top, go for the Luchiano Visconti Long Sleeve Sportshirt. If you’re trying to look sleek, pair them together!


Black can make other colors you are wearing pop.

Say, for instance, you are sporting the Luchiano Visconti black sportshirt, pairing a bright, bold tie will only make the tie pop out more, drawing attention to wear you want it the most and away from anywhere you don’t want it. If you’re going more casual this summer, wearing the Tommy Bahama Royal Bermuda Camp Shirt paired with our new Polo Stretch Nautical Shorts will give more attention to the colorful print of the shorts.


Black looks good year round and at any occasion or event.

Don’t believe what you may hear, black jeans look good all year. Whether you’re headed out on the town, or you’re going out with the family, you can sport our comfy 34 Heritage Charisma Relaxed Fit Jeans in black whenever and wherever you please. Pair your jeans with a bright shirt to make it pop like our Nautica Printed Sailboat Shirt, or if you want to go for the all black look, that works too!


It doesn’t matter what size you are, black can always slim you down and make you feel comfiest in whatever way you decide to wear it. Pair your comfiest black clothes how we suggest or jump outside of the box with a new trend. If you’re sporting a new look, be sure to tag us on Instagram @franksbigandtall and show us your new fit!