One Pair of Jeans, Three Ways

Think about your wardrobe. Now, think about those one or two pairs of jeans that you’re obsessed with, it’s one out of the 15 you own but it’s the only one you gravitate to--yeah, we know the one. But you must be tired of always pairing it with the same thing over and over again, right? We’re here to help. Here are a couple of ways you can style your jeans.

For reference, we’re going to be showing a pair of Tommy Bahama New Barbados Jeans.


Jeans + T-Shirt

The classic. It never goes out of style, but there are different t-shirts we can utilize. The always stylish, always comfy graphic tee--like this Tommy Bahama “Thirst Base” tee is a great look. If you’re not too into graphic tees, opt for a basic t-shirt in any color like this Tommy Bahama V-Neck for a little extra flair while keeping it classy. Pair it with sneakers and you’re ready to head out the door.


Jeans + Button Up

Sorry not sorry, we’re suckers for this go-to look. Keeping your look put together for some sort of summer event is easy with a button up and a good pair of jeans. You can head out to a picnic, a stroll in the park, or dress it up with some nice shoes if you’re headed to a fancier event. To try out this look, you can get this Polo Classic Fit Sportshirt at any of our stores or online.


Pro Tip: Try adding a color coordinated tie to this outfit if where you’re going needs a fancier outfit.

Weather permitting Pro Tip: In the fall/winter, we love this look with an F/X Fusion Diamond Sweater over top to not only add some extra warmth, but to give your outfit that extra something without breaking the bank or going too far out of your comfort zone.


Jeans + Button Down + Sport Coat

Again, the sportshirt is a very versatile piece and adding a sport coat on top gives you a business look while still remaining relatively casual with a good pair of jeans on the bottom. This Izod Button Down with a classy Jean Paul Germain Plaid Sport Coat is the perfect duo. Add some dress shoes like our Rockport Total Motion Dress Shoe, and head to your next business casual event in style and completely fashion forward.

Pair your favorite worn in pair of jeans with any of these outfit combinations and you’ll be fashion forward while also feeling like yourself. Stop by any of our stores or check our blog for inspiration or help with your outfits before buying if you’re still a little leery. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @franksbigandtall and show us your favorite pair of jeans and how you styled them!