One Week - Thirteen Items

You don’t always need a thousand shirts per week to match with 600 of your favorite slacks. Sometimes, it’s easier to utilize a capsule wardrobe. Additionally, it can be a fun challenge to think outside of the box and create simple and unique outfits out of only a handful of items. (It’s the little things in life like this that make getting up in the morning bearable.)

We want to show you how to set up a week’s worth of outfits with only 13 items. For reference, we decided to choose 2 jackets, 1 polo, 2 pairs of shoes, 1 belt, 1 pair of chinos and 1 pair of black dress slacks, 1 blue jean, 1 tie, and 3 shirts all pictured and linked below.


Pink Dress Shirt, Black Jacket, Black Slacks, Black Shoes, a Belt and a Tie of your choosing.

Maybe the day that everybody dreads is the day you decide to dress it up. It is very likely that if you end up faking how much you’d like to be up before the crack of dawn, you’ll make it pretty far into the day before realizing how long it even was. Starting your week off on a bright and crisp note can help get you in the swing of things.



Black Polo, Blue Jeans, Black Shoes, Black Jacket, a Belt of your choice.

Second day of the week and you’re already tired? Try pairing our famous Polo Ralph Lauren Black Polo with a new pair of Tommy Bahama jeans so that you can look put together without even trying!



White Checkered Dress Shirt, Navy Jacket, Khaki Chinos, Brown Shoes, a Belt of your choice.

As the week approaches its mid-point, it can get harder to get out of bed, but the weekend is coming! Time to kick things into high gear with a pair of chinos- comfort and professionalism in just a pair of pants.



Pink Dress Shirt, Black Slacks, a Belt of your choice, Jacket optional.

Pre-Friday excitement is here! Bust out your pink shirt and start getting ready for the weekend, there’s some big plans ahead and an even better outfit to match them.



Blue Dress Shirt, Black Slacks, Black Shoes, a Belt and a Tie of your choice.  

Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for. Leave your week on a good note by dressing well and you’ll feel much more accomplished than if you had left looking like a slob.



White Checkered Dress Shirt, Khaki Chinos, Brown Shoes, a Belt and a Tie of your choosing (if necessary).

These weekend outfits are completely optional as we know many people only work Monday-Friday. If you’re a weekend warrior who works Saturday and Sundays, these outfits are for you! Keep casual and pristine looking in these quality outfits.



Black Polo, Jeans, Black Shoes, a Belt of your choice.

The perfect way to round out your week in a casual outfit that is still fit for working but cozy enough you’ll want to keep it on all day.


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