Right and Wrong Places to Wear A Baseball Cap

Baseball caps will always be in style. They are a great way to dress down an outfit and have plenty of practical benefits as well, like sun protection and hiding a head full of messy hair. But where is it appropriate to wear a baseball cap and where is it not appropriate to wear a baseball cap? Let's take a look.


If you're running into the local fast food joint to pick up some burgers then by all means, leave your hat on. But if you're going out to dinner with your family at a sit-down restaurant, please take off your baseball cap. It's disrespectful to leave it on and you run the risk of looking tacky. Take it off and enjoy your meal.

At the Beach

Baseball caps are a must have at the beach. They keep the sun out of your face and keep your hair from getting that windblown look. Make sure to tighten the fit if you can, it can get quite windy down the shore, and you wouldn’t want to lose your favorite hat.

At the Movies

Do you really want to be "that guy", blocking the person behind you trying to watch the new superhero flick? We didn’t think so. There are several unspoken rules at movie theatres: turn off your cell phone, no talking, and take off your hat. 

Barbecues and Summer Parties

Sometimes it's hard to know what the rules are for outdoor gatherings. A good rule of thumb is if there are shorts and beer, then caps are ok. Formal gatherings like weddings and engagement parties should be hat-free, but if the dress is casual and the event is outside, go ahead and wear a baseball cap.

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