Shoe Color VS Pant Color

Now that you know what shoes go with your outfit, what color goes with what? Sometimes we think, “Oh, a black shoe- it goes with everything right?” Wrong. There are a number of different color combinations that not only work but will look like you’re working the runway.

Here is our helpful guide for throwing your look together.


Black Shoes

If you’re wearing black shoes, stick with either navy, grey, or black pants. These are the best fit for these shoes regardless of the shoe type.


Brown Shoes

Your best bet is to wear brown, tan, beige, green, or any other dark earth tones. These colors not only match, but they really draw the eye to your shoe and can give off a generous aura. You can check out our blog post about the colors you’re wearing and what they mean at


Tan Shoes

Although a little less common, this color can bring out the best in blue, beige, white, light tan, and other light earth tone pants.


Burgundy Shoes

A fun, modern color shoe that pairs well with khaki, blue, grey, light brown, and even black pants. Trying to follow the latest trends? Find a burgundy shoe to match with these pants, they are the best fall colors to really take your look up a notch.


Navy Blue Shoes

Classic, but somehow still a little modern and trendy. A navy blue shoe can be matched with a number of different colored pants including, light grey, charcoal, burgundy, tan, brown, black, and even blue.


No matter the colors, as long as what fits you works, you should be looking 100%. You can always check back every week for new blog posts and helpful tips to give you the best style advice.