Shoes for All Your Winter Activities

Finding the perfect shoes for winter can be tricky. The icy, slippery outdoor conditions are not the best for typical dress shoes or sneakers, and you can't wear snow boots for every activity. Here are some tips to find the best shoes for all your winter activities.


If you are planning on spending some time outdoors during your winter activities, you may need a waterproof shoe. A waterproof hiking book may be the best bet, even if you're not going hiking. Loading gifts in the car, walking the dog, or digging your car out of the snow are all reasons to own a good pair of waterproof hiking boots.

Quality Treads

Treads matter. A flat sole, like the ones on dress shoes, have no traction in icy or wet conditions and can cause you to slip or fall when walking outside. Look for a classic looking shoe with thicker treads if you need a shoe with a formal look but still are planning on spending some time outside.


It's not just slippery conditions that make finding the perfect winter shoe difficult. Traditional shoes don't tend to offer enough warmth for the cold winter months. Look for shoes or boots with a thick lining or warmer material on the inside. Some winter boots and shoes come with removable liners so you can wear them while outside and take them out once you're in for the day.

Heel Height

The height of your shoe heel is not just about style. A higher heel offers more stability in winter conditions, so look for a shoe with a substantial heel. The height also helps to keep snow and ice out of your shoes while you're walking and gives your ankle more support.

Once you've decided on the perfect winter shoes, head out to Frank's Big and Tall at any of our East Brunswick, Ocean Township or Morristown locations for all your cold-weather wardrobe needs.