The Art of The Pocket Square

Pocket squares seem like they are out of date, but don’t be fooled because they are making their comeback as we speak. If you’re unfamiliar, pocket squares can be intimidating at first glance: How do you fold them? What colors to get? Does it go with my shirt? Does it have to match my tie? There are more than enough questions that come up as you step into one of our stores and see the layout of the plethora of colorful squares. Here is your ultimate guide to the art of the pocket square.


Does it have to match my tie?

In short, no. But, the best tip we can give you that is foolproof, have your pocket square complement a color in your tie. If your tie is mostly blue but has just a subtle green detail, opt for a green pocket square. Here, you can see a bright orange and blue bow tie, although the orange is the more prominent color, the blue square makes the blue in the bow tie pop even more than it already does.


What about patterned squares vs. solid squares?

This is more of a personal opinion question. You can pull off really any pocket square you want. If you think it goes with your tie, throw it in your pocket and you’re good to go. Here, you can see both the tie and square are patterned, but, since the colors of the two aren’t clashing with one another, they pair well.

How do you fold them?

You can be creative with how your fold your pocket square, there are tons of different ways. The classic way to go about it is to fold like a book first; fold down second; then fold into a rectangle; fan out the edges so you can see each one, and then put it right into your pocket. Of course, there are so many stylish ways to fold like the rose fold, a staircase fold, and the puff fold, etc.


Don’t forget:

If you’re blowing your nose in your pocket square, it belongs in your pocket. We understand it’s allergy season, but you don’t want to advertise your allergies!

If your pocket is bulging or too tight to the point it’s noticeable, refold your pocket square and try again or opt for a smaller square.

Stock up on the fun accessory! If you’re not wearing the same exact tie every single day, why would you wear the same pocket square every day?

Picking out a pocket square can be difficult, but if you follow these tips and tricks you should be good to go. If you ever have questions or just want some fashion advice, you can always ask for help from any one of our sales experts at our locations for what looks best on you!