The Colors You Wear and What They Mean

Think about your typical daily wardrobe. Now, think about what color you see repeating almost everyday. You may not realize it, but the colors you choose to wear say a lot about who you are. Being that Frank’s serves up just about every color in the book, it’s easy to think a color is just a color. Find your favorite color and see what the hue says about you.


Just about everyone wears black, but the real meaning behind the dark shade is that the person wearing it has an authoritative side. Not only does the color slim you down and match with just about everything, it is also a timeless shade that will not go out of style.



Grey gives you a sophistication that not many other colors can pull off. The universal and neutral shade portrays an aura of confidence and old times to those who wear it.



This light color gives you a sharp look that is well put together with any other color in the book. This universal hue also gives off the idea of simplicity and cleanliness.



The color red can be seen as an aggressive color. Although strong, the color gives off an intense vibe..



This bold color is looked at as hard to sport, but the statement piece is often known as an optimistic color. The shade is also associated with independence and creativity.



This light color can be seen as hard to pull off and can also be received as overpowering. Although a statement, the sunshine shade also portrays concentration and lightheartedness.



The earthy color gives off the impression that you are eco-friendly. Not only is the naturally calming color a great idea for olive skin tones, it also portrays wealth and is a refreshing color to add to your wardrobe.



A staple color for many wardrobes, the peaceful hue will often remind those around you of the ocean or a clear blue sky. Blue is also the color of loyalty and fresh beginnings.



This royal shade is a favorite of many, it portrays wealth much like green does. Purple is also known as a sophisticated and romantic color; purple gives the impression of luxury, worldliness, and experience.



The soft shade is associated with compassion, something any business person wants to make sure they are portraying. Pink is also often admired and gives off a sense of playfulness



Regardless of the shade, the color brown is known for being a reliable color and in turn gives off the idea of reliability to those who wear it. Brown also gives the impression of stability and genuineness.