The Flattering Effects of Vertical Stripes

It's common knowledge that specific styles are more flattering than others. Wearing these pieces can slim you and help hide any problem areas you may have. Simply put, they just look good. The best style for this effect is vertical stripes. Let's take a closer look at what this look can do for you and your wardrobe.

It's Science

The mind works in mysterious ways. According to BBC News, a study found that when someone wears a shirt with vertical stripes, it makes them appear taller and slimmer while horizontal lines make them appear shorter and wider. So when choosing shirts, especially for an event or social outing, look for pieces like this vertical striped button-down from Tommy Bahama. You'll look fashionable... and slim!

Lengthen not Widen

If you're shopping at Frank's Big and Tall, the chances are that you're of above average height. That doesn't mean vertical lines won't work for you. While they do make you appear taller, wearing a vertical striped shirt will elongate your torso, giving it a slimming appearance. If you're already a tall guy, this can be quite flattering! Try this casual short-sleeved piece by Cutter & Buck for an outdoor wedding or cocktail party to achieve that effect.

Striped Pants Work Too

It's not just vertical striped shirts that can flatter your figure. Try these plaid shorts from Callaway. The vertical line pattern will make your thighs and legs appear longer and thinner, making them a great choice at events where pants are just too much.

So wear those stripes! At Frank's Big and Tall, we carry plenty of striped shirts and pants that will flatter any body type. Not a fan of stripes? No problem! We have plenty of other options as well. Check out any of our locations in East Brunswick, Ocean Township or Morristown to browse our large selection of menswear today.