Three Celebrities You Can Model Your Look After

One: Armie Hammer

The Call Me By Your Name star has a wardrobe we think we can only dream about. But, his effortless dress can be duplicated quite easily. The laid-back California vibes can be viewed as our summer-into-fall fashion in New Jersey. At Frank’s you can find a dupe for his sweatpants with our Champion Performance Pants, rolled up to about mid-calf. Also, for chillier days, his sweater is a match for our Toggle Sweater or a Cardigan Sweater. Also, opting for a more casual t-shirt underneath something a bit dressier is a great way to downplay your put-together look.

Two: Chris Pratt

The “Parks and Recreation” actor and Marvel superstar has a relatable and comfortable style that is easily copied. The star is unafraid of what others say about his wardrobe and that is clearly shown in his casual, easy-going looks. Pratt is typically shown wearing button downs, t-shirts, and plenty of jeans. Whether you are online or in store, you can find any one of these wardrobe pieces at Frank’s. To copy his look, go for button downs that are on the more casual side like Luchiano Visconti’s Sport Shirts without a bold print. You can also pick out pretty much any jean that fits you best, we suggest opting for darker colors like indigo or black; try Lucky Brand Jeans’ Relaxed Fit in a dark denim.

Three: Harry Styles

Now, we know Styles is on the younger end of the spectrum, but the Dunkirk actor and now solo artist has plenty of style--no pun intended. We’re not saying go buy a purple suit, or bedazzle your own tuxedo, but his looks, although bold and dramatic, can be duped for a more subtle version that will be sure to spice up to daily wardrobe. His closet is filled with different textures and patterns like florals, stripes, and lots of colorful prints. Our more approachable version of this stylish red carpet feel is a Luchiano Visconti’s Sport Shirt. Or, for a more formal look, opt for a bolder navy blue suit and brown dress shoes like a Florshiem Wing Tip.


Looking to celebrities for wardrobe inspiration is a great way to liven up your own closet. At Frank’s you can always ask a sales associate for their opinion, or if you’re shopping online, check out our other blog posts for help in finding the right look for you.