Three Fall Activities and What to Wear to Them


Apple/Pumpkin Picking (Farm Day)

A day out with your partner, family, or maybe you just wanna hang out on your own or with friends- pumpkin or apple picking is a great well-known way to pass the time on a beautiful fall day. With the weather getting colder and the days melding into each other- take a weekend and do some fun fall activities!

Even though it may be nice and warm in the sun during the afternoons, that morning chill is sure to get you sick if you’re not careful. Bundle up the perfect amount with a flannel paired with a cozy, puffy vest. For extra durability and comfort, wear a pair of our 34 Heritage Jeans.



Head out with a jacket or warm outfit and get up on the rooftop of Biergarten in Asbury Park for a great night out and even better beers and ciders. It’ll be a little chillier by the water so you’ll want to layer with a Polo Cotton Sweater or make sure to have our new Surfside Supply Fleece to beat the windchill.


Trick or Treating

In accordance with our DIY Halloween costume article, we are all about the Halloween vibes. Whether you’re more of a greaser or a Stranger Things fan, there’s a costume out there for you. If your neighborhood isn’t the best- you can opt for your local trunk or treat instead.