Trends To Leave Behind

Warning: Nostalgia Ahead

Every once in a while, we all look back and think, “Wow, I miss my old get-up from high school.” Here are some noteworthy trends from the last three decades that we suggest leaving in the last three decades.


Oversized Jeans

They were comfy, roomy, easy to slip on and off, and they’re jeans so they go with everything. But, they are more than out of style. Opt instead for a straight leg jean like our Levi’s Comfort Fit Jeans.


Platform Shoes

We’re sad to see these aren’t in style but I’m sure for many of our customers, height was never much of an issue. We suggest if you’re feeling like you want a little extra height (not 8 inches worth of height) go for our Hush Puppies Quatro Oxford Shoe.


Short Sleeve - Long Sleeve Layering

We love layering just as much as the next guy, but this style is a little...obvious. We’re all for keeping warm in the winter, but why don’t we do it in a more stylish way? You can check out our instagram page @franksbigandtall to see how we think you should be layering up.


Branded Clothing

At Frank’s, we have tons of name brand items that are trendy and wearable, but the one thing we can guarantee is that you won’t look like a walking billboard. If you still want to sport a brand on your chest, try sporting a comfy Champion Performance Shirt.


Bucket Hats

Although we miss all the rap videos these were in, thankfully that’s where they will stay. We love one of our old time partners, Kangol, but we suggest opting for their more modern hats. If you’re not into the fashion icon hats, stick to sturdy baseball caps.


Popped Collars

There was a time where we all looked in the mirror and thought this looked so cool, and yet here we are a couple years later realizing how unbelievably uncool this was. The most we can settle for is a popped jacket collar for those .2 seconds you have before walking out of the door.


Acid Wash Everything

They looked great at the time, and thankfully, we live in a world where time moves forward. We suggest if you’re still yearning for a classic 80s look, try light wash jeans instead for example, Lucky Brand Relaxed Fit Jeans.


Bell Bottoms

Not something we particularly miss, but boy did they look incredible. Just like our friends who miss the oversized pants, we suggest opting for a straight fit or relaxed fit jean to give yourself a little extra room.


Shiny Shirts

Apparently, your teeth aren’t the only thing meant to shine. Back in the day, shiny shirts were a must-have to look well put together and feeling like a million bucks. If you’re feeling nostalgic, try one of our Luchiano Visconti shirts in a fun color/print to reminisce about the good old days.


Miami Vice

Chandler and Ross from Friends had the right idea to take a trip back to the 80s. As much as we love a good suit, white and neon/pastel colors are a little outdated for us. We recommend for the colorful folk out there to utilize their pocket squares and ties for a bright pop of color. You can check out our blog posts to figure out which color is best for you and all about our pocket square tips and tricks.


Although these items didn’t make it to our top list, here are some trends we want to reminisce about.