Tucked vs Untucked

We've all heard "Tuck your shirt in!" at least once in our life, most likely from our mothers, but when is it appropriate to leave your shirt out as opposed to a tucked-in look? The truth is some shirts are made to be tucked, and some are made to be worn loosely, let's take a look at the difference. 

Tuck It In

If your shirt has visible tails, meaning the hem is longer in the back or front, it's meant to be tucked in. Standard button-down dress shirts, like this classic one by Cooper & Stewart, are a perfect example of a shirt that is intended to be tucked in. Sure, you can wear it untucked if you like, but it tends to look sloppy and juvenile. Therefore, if you're trying to look professional and put together, tuck it in.

Hang Loose

There are several different kinds of shirts that are ok to leave untucked. Undershirts, polos, Hawaiian shirts like this one from Tommy Bahama, and casual t-shirts are all fine to go loose if you prefer them that way. In fact, knit shirts tend to look a little silly tucked in, and give off a stuffy out of date look, so by all means, leave it out. 

So, when is it appropriate to wear an untucked shirt?

Society's dress code has slowly relaxed over the last few decades. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear an untucked shirt in lots of different situations, from running errands to attending a friend's party. However, more formal occasions like weddings, engagement parties, or business meetings should always be attended wearing a tucked in shirt, unless otherwise indicated. 

So tucked or untucked, just make sure your shirts are clean and wrinkle-free. You'll look great. Come check out our wide variety of tuckable and un-tuckable shirts at Frank's Big and Tall with locations in East Brunswick, Ocean Township and Morristown.