Wardrobe Essentials for Cooler Weather

Cooler weather brings the need for all sorts of new items in your wardrobe. Being able to layer is an excellent way to prepare for dropping temperatures, so pieces that fit well together are always smart things to stock up on. Let's take a look at wardrobe essentials for cooler weather. 


Sweaters are a must for cooler weather. This incredibly versatile wardrobe essential can be dressed up or down and works for almost any event, formal or informal. This grey v-neck sweater can keep you warm at work as well as at lunch with a client and can be easily layered over either a t-shirt or a dressy button-down.

Casual Pants in Neutral Colors

Wearing lighter colored casual pants in cooler temperatures allows you to layer with darker more earthy tones up top. Try these stretch convertible pants in a tan khaki color with a darker button-down or polo and pull the whole thing together with a deep colored sweater. The entire look works perfectly for dressy casual events or weekend outings.

Smart Sportcoat

If you don't own a sharp sportcoat by now, impending cooler temperatures are the perfect excuse to shop for one. This brown checked sportcoat from Jean-Paul Germain is one of our favorites and will not only keep you warm while running to the office but will keep you looking professional and put together during a business meeting or even a fall wedding.


Cooler temperatures are the perfect time to stock up on Fall and Winter accessories like gloves, scarves and hats. Go for neutral colors or patterns so that they can work with a variety of different coats and jackets.

Here at Frank's Big and Tall, we carry all the wardrobe essentials you need for cooler weather, along with everything that goes with them. Come check out any of our locations in East Brunswick, Ocean Township or Morristown to browse our wide selection of seasonal items.