What No One Tells You About Big and Tall Clothing

I’m sure a lot of us have been there: bullied in school, teased, or made fun of because of our size. But, your size is the number one reason you like and decide to shop at Frank’s Big & Tall. Believe it or not, there are some things that not a lot of people realize about our clothing and big and tall clothing as a whole.


Your clothing is made with care and precision.

It’s easy for a clothing company to slap together a couple of medium t-shirts or to make jeans a size 32. But, with big and tall clothing, there’s care and measurements taken to make our signature sizes like a size 52 Tommy Bahama Jean. Companies take a little longer to craft these sizes meaning your clothes are getting the extra care and attention you deserve.

The designs and styles you are able to wear have been hand selected by us and the companies that make these items.

We know what it’s like to feel like you’re not fitting in and to quite literally not fit into straight size clothing brands. At Frank’s, we make sure to hand select the styles we see are trending so that you’re able to follow trends and stick to your signature style. For example, one of our favorite brands, Polo Ralph Lauren, offers tons of styles for straight size and big and tall sizes so that you can feel fancy while sitting comfortably in your clothes.


Tailoring and trying on clothes is a necessity for those that are big and tall so you always know what works and what doesn’t--but our quality is always on point.

Our on-site tailor will help you with whatever you need done at an efficient rate and within a sufficient amount of time. You can guarantee that suit for next month’s wedding will look great, and your pocket will be thanking you that you didn’t overspend. Not to mention, the quality of the clothes you’re purchasing is truly unmatched by straight size clothes.


The care and attention you receive at our stores can’t be replicated.

Deep rooted in our family values, Frank’s employees want to see you feeling and looking great in whatever it is you’re looking for when you come into our shops. Sales associates will take their time with you and make sure you leave our stores satisfied. If you are one of our online customers, we are always available via phone to help you out with sizing needs no matter the necessity.