What To Pack For A Business Trip

Business before pleasure has always been the mantra for many, but what if we took a little pleasure in the packing process? Packing for a business trip, however long your journey may be, seems a little daunting, but we want to make sure you’re not forgetting anything--check out our suggestions and tips for packing for a business trip.

Dress Shirts

The staple, the go-to, the ultimate business trip necessity is our Enro Non-Iron Button Downs. You can roll them up (check out our other blog post about how to pack your essentials) and pack them in with ease and be able to go right into your next meeting as soon as you land. We suggest opting for a light blue or any neutral color that way you aren’t packing too many items that won’t match with your other pieces.


Pairing your lightweight shirt with our Jack Victor Pleated Slack is a great idea. You know you’ll need to look great for that big meeting or presentation so why not bring your best attire to really put yourself in the right mindset.


Now we get into the nitty-gritty. If you’re staying for longer than just a few days, we suggest packing two suits- your best colors to reach for are charcoal gray and navy blue. The reason being, if you bring two colors for mixing and matching — the navy blue jacket on some suits can be used as a blazer with different trousers, and so on.


Try bringing two pairs of shoes, one black, one brown. If you’d like to save room, you can wear one of them on the plane, but if you’re able to- try to dress down/comfortable that way you have an outfit to wear back on hand. Don’t forget your socks!

Pro Tip:

To make the most out of your outfits, try laying out what you’re going to be wearing each day before packing. Putting everything you need together beforehand will help stop you from overpacking.Need help picking out an outfit? You can ask any one of our sales associates for advice or head over to our website and check out our blogs for more fashion inspiration.

Wherever you’re headed for your next business meeting, make sure to keep Frank’s in mind as you get packed and ready to head out the door. If you happen to be forgetting something but you’ve already left, head over to our store and we can assist you in a jiffy!

Safe travels!