What To Wear To A Concert

Concerts are a time for everyone to get along and bond over one shared interest: the band on stage. There’s not another feeling like being around like minded people enjoying good music. The getting there can be fun but what to wear is always a bit of an issue, agreed?

Depending on what time of year and what time of day as well as location of the concert, there are a number of ways your outfit can go, but, here are some staples to keep in mind.



Whether you’re looking to sport the classic blue jeans or the sleek and fit black wash jeans, you should consider the comfort of these before stepping out of the house. Depending on the venue/show, jeans can be dressed up or down with ease. Meet somewhere in the middle with our Polo Hampton Relaxed Fit Jeans. Pair with a button up to dress up for a theatre production, or pair with a polo/t-shirt for a dressed down look for music festival/outdoors concert.



Typically, sneakers are the way to go unless you’re going to a theatre- even then it can be iffy. But, a concert is a laid-back event, throw on your favorite New Balance 940 Running Sneakers and head out the door in comfort and style. I know I won’t be the only one at the venue in smart shoes!


Dress for the Weather

If you happen to already know it will rain, don’t be left in the cold and don’t let yourself leave without grabbing your trusty rain jacket from Frank’s. You’ll be sure to be one of the smartest people there.

If you’re headed to a concert any time soon, be sure to tag us in a picture and show us your smart, comfortable, and stylish Frank’s fit @franksbigandtall.