What’s the Difference Between a Dress Shirt and a Sport Shirt?

You may have heard the terms "dress shirt" and "sports shirt" used interchangeably, but the truth is they are two different shirts. Here's a look at some of the sometimes subtle differences between them.


Dress shirts tend to be a tad more conservatively styled than a sport shirt. This means neutral colors, stiffer collars and more muted patterns. Sport shirts, on the other hand, can get away with brighter colors, bolder patterns and little bit more pizazz like pockets and noticeable embroidery.


As far as sport shirt sizing goes, it's fairly simple with generally a choice between S, M, L, XL and the like. Dress shirt sizing is a little bit more complicated and precise. You are also able to pick your neck and sleeve length of a dress shirt.


Dress shirts are usually made with fine weaved fabrics like cotton and have high thread counts. The tighter fabric allows gives them a sheen that works for the formal look they're made for. Sport shirts are far less formal and come in lighter weaves like chambray or linen.


Both dress and sport shirts run slightly fitted and are tapered at the torso, although sport shirts do come in fits that are a little more relaxed than the typical dress shirt.


This is where you can tell the difference between the two shirts. A dress shirt is made to be tucked in, so they are made longer than most other shirts. The extra length ensures that it will remain tucked into your pants throughout the day, no matter how active you may be. Sport shirts have shorter shirttails so they can be worn untucked without appearing disheveled or sloppy.

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