Every day it seems like there’s a new fashion. While some people are comfortable trendsetting and ignoring the fashions of the day, most aren’t. Instead of worrying about whether or not you’re keeping up with the latest trend, keep these fashion basics in mind and you’ll always be in style.

Black or Navy Suit

Regardless of if you wear a suit every day to work or only wear one on special occasions, you should have a nice suit in your closet. While black suits are classic and timeless, a navy suit is just as versatile. Because black and navy are considered neutrals, you can wear any color with them. Keep in mind, that it is generally thought of as a fashion faux pas to wear a black jacket with blue pants or a blue jacket with black pants.

Matching Belt and Shoes

When wearing a suit, always make sure your shoes and belt match. The easiest way to do this is to make sure they are both black. If you want to add more variety, a brown belt and shoes are a nice addition. However, make sure the belt and shoes are the same shade of brown.

Basic White Shirts

This is the man’s version of a little black dress. A basic white shirt is perfect for any occasion. Place a white dress shirt under a suit and you don’t have to worry about whether your tie compliments the colors or pattern in the shirt.

For days when you are feeling more casual, throw on a plain white t-shirt. This will give you the option to keep it simple or experiment with accessories, such as watches or shoes.

Properly Sized Tie

To complete a suit, every man needs a tie. It may be tempting to buy a skinny tie because you saw one on the cover of GQ. Keep in mind, a skinny tie will look awkward on a big and tall guy. Instead, opt for a tie that is slightly wider than a standard tie, so that it is in proportion to your size.