Get Inspired: Three Big and Tall Fashion Influencers You Should Follow

In the past, finding the latest trends was no easy undertaking. Today, however, social media has made it simpler than ever to find fashion inspiration, and more importantly, to find people who dress just like you. While there are more than enough fashion blogs out there, it’s really easy to get lost in the links and not be able to find the right fashion blog or Instagram account to suit your own needs.  

It can be frustrating at times to see models wearing certain styles that you never would, and it is even more frustrating to not be represented in the world of fashion, especially when you’re a man with style. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three popular male influencers who provide expert advice and insight on men’s big and tall fashion; and perhaps, after a quick perusal of their sites, you’ll see some style suggestions that you can even find here, at Frank’s Big and Tall.


1. Syed Sohail- Canadian Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger
    Blog and Instagram - @ThePrepGuy

Sohail’s blog and Instagram account focuses primarily on fashion, but also provides lifestyle advice as well. Recently, Sohail created a post about the ‘Art of Layering,' and how to style in the winter.

Photo taken from: @theprepguy Instagram

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2. Michael Anthony Spearman
    Instagram - @thebigfashionguy

Michael Anthony Spearman, known more popularly by his Instagram handle, @thebigfashionguy, aims to ‘inspire gentlemen of all sizes’ in his style blog. Spearman has a really great piece on how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring styles, which can prove to be extremely helpful information.

Photo Taken From: @thebigfashionguy Instagram

Photo taken from @thebigfashionguy Instagram


3. Zach Miko
    Instagram - @zachmiko

Zach Miko is a male model, Instagram influencer, and host of podcast, ‘Big Things with Zach Miko’. Miko is really passionate about including big and tall men’s fashion with all men’s fashion, and explains that men of all sizes should be seen in media, especially if they have great style.

Photo taken from @zachmiko Instagram

Photo taken from @zachmiko Instagram