Guide to Athleisure

The term “athleisure” may seem unfamiliar but it’s the trend that has been taking over the fashion world. Athleisure is a mix of form and function; it’s the cross between style and substance. Being comfortable is key but maintaining the performance of your clothes is important to keep the integrity of athleisure.

The style isn’t just for the young and hip, at Frank’s we want to keep you in the know of all the latest styles and trends. Here are some tips and tricks for athleisure wear:

Crew Neck sweaters paired with Champion Performance pants is the perfect fit for a chilly fall/winter day when comfort is a necessity. But, for those warmer days in September, try a Champion Colorblock Performance shirt to add some color to your Champion Shorts

One of our favorite brands to work with, Champion, specializes in athletic clothing and is the perfect brand to keep in mind when sporting an athleisure look.

You may be wondering, “What occasions can I wear athleisure to?” The answer is simple, you can wear athleisure just about anytime and anywhere that is meant to be casual. The idea of athleisure it to be able to perform any duties you need to with ease while remaining as comfortable as possible.

At Frank’s, we strive to make sure you’re confident in whatever you choose to wear. Next time, ask your local Frank’s associates to see what kind of athleisure fit suits you.