Guide to Business Casual

What does business casual even mean? Sweatpants with a blazer? Sneakers with your suit? That’s a no on both of those ideas, by the way.

At Frank’s, we know just what you need to dress down your business attire and dress up your casual looks for whatever you’re doing. So, we’re here to answer your most burning question: what IS business casual?

Let us be frank--pun intended--there is no definitive idea of business casual, but rather there are many versions of it that can be reinvisioned to suit your particular style. Here are some solid, versatile outfits you can mold to fit your preference.

Some basic no-no’s of business casual include: T-shirts, sneakers, ripped jeans, flip flops, anything that would be considered “at-home” wear. Depending on if your company or office has casual Fridays, jeans are typically a no-go. You want to keep in mind if your client comes in for a meeting or there’s a surprise board meeting- you should be ready to go and looking relatively conservative.

For the fall, a simple sweater over a button down with comfortable slacks/khakis is the perfect look for those casual business days. You can recreate this look by getting an F/X Fusion Diamond Crew Neck Sweater which will give a little more dimension to your outfit.

It’s also important to keep in mind what colors you’re gravitating toward when you’re getting dressed. Blacks and greys give off a more professional feel whereas earth tones and purples show the more playful side of your demeanor. You can check out our other blog post to understand what the other colors you wear mean.

Business casual etiquette isn’t meant to take up a whole business meeting, but we understand it isn’t something that always comes so naturally. In essence these are top tips to keep you in tip top shape:

  1. Absolutely NO T-shirts, sneakers, ripped jeans, flip flops.
  2. Check out your office mates to make sure, but usually jeans are a no.
  3. Simple button downs, sweaters, and khakis are staple pieces.
  4. Colors matter! Stray away from blacks and greys.

And when in doubt, ask an associate for help!