Guide to Color Matching

Color matching isn’t something most of us think about very often. It’s easy to grab a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, sneakers, and call it an outfit. With that combination, you don’t have to worry about colors clashing because jeans usually come in neutral colors. However, that doesn’t make for a fun or interesting look.

Neutral Colors
If you are completely lost as to where to begin, we recommend you purchase some clothing essentials in neutral colors. In the fashion world, black, white, grey, navy, and brown are considered neutrals. That’s why a randomly chosen t-shirt works well with your blue jeans. Once you are comfortable pairing colors which neutrals, you may want to experiment with the color wheel.  On the color wheel, colors that are opposite each other can be worn together as can colors that are next to each other.

While you can get creative with the color of your jacket or pants, most people opt for suits in one of the previously mentioned colors because they go so well with everything. It’s easier to justify buying a unique shirt or tie than it is to splurge on an entire suit that may go out of style quickly. By keeping your suits neutral colors, you can also mix and match. For example, you can wear a black jacket with grey pants and a red shirt. You’ll only be wearing one “color,” but you will look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to color matching. Of course, you can extend your chosen color for an outfit to more than one item.

If you need help choosing clothing pieces that match, we’ll be happy to help you in person at one of our Frank’s Big and Tall locations.