How To Stay Cool In Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor formal events in the summer are fun, but they can be tricky. The usual suit and tie that you would normally wear to a wedding are just too much in the summer. Who wants to be sweaty and uncomfortable while dancing and mingling with people that you probably don't get to see very often? There are plenty of outfit options that work well for a summer wedding that don't have to be heavy and uncomfortable. Staying cool at summer weddings is important. Let's take a look at the best clothing options for staying cool in hot weather.

Linen Pants

Linen has a natural cooling effect on the skin and works perfectly for a beach or waterfront wedding. These linen blend pants in khaki from Tommy Bahama would be perfectly paired with a short sleeve button down shirt and makes for an on-trend look.

LInen Shirts

Although they have a naturally casual look, linen shirts can still work for an outdoor wedding. Try pairing this white linen shirt from Tommy Bahama with dark dress pants to create a dressy casual look, perfect for staying cool while still looking stylish.

Button-Down Short-Sleeve Shirts

Depending on the dress code for the event, you may be able to wear a light button down short sleeve shirt like this one from Izod. It would pair perfectly with your linen khaki pants. Lots of outdoor events call for dressy casual wear and this would work perfectly for that.

Even with the best outfit, you're still bound to get hot at an outdoor summer event. When that happens, try a MiraCool Cooling Towel. When you get a chance to sneak away to the washroom, just run it under cool water and apply to the skin for instant cooling relief. You can find all these great products designed for staying cool at Frank's Big and Tall at any of New Jersey locations in East Brunswick, Ocean Township or Morristown.