A Man’s Guide to Footwear

It’s really easy to buy a pair of shoes and get so comfortable with them that you don’t realize it has been years since you’ve gotten new pair. Worn out but still wearable, forgetting that your favorite shoes have probably seen better days is common. However, the right pair of shoes can make or break an ensemble, and just because you got them for Christmas six years ago doesn’t mean they have to be worn with everything, or that they necessarily should be worn with everything. While it may not be time to let go of your favorite pair, it is really a great investment to buy a few pairs of shoes that you will need throughout your life.

While formal events may not come up too often, it is always nice to be prepared. Black or brown dress shoes are an essential. Whether you are going super formal, or business casual, a nice dress shoe will set you apart from those who don’t haven’t gotten the memo that sometimes it’s not the suit that makes the man, but the shoes. There are various types of dress shoes, and finding the right one is all a matter of personal choice and preference. At Frank’s, our Florsheim Castellano Wing Tip shoe is a wonderful option.

If you’re seeking a look that is even more casual, but you still want to look sharp, the dress boot is a great modern option. We’re seeing more men adopt this style of shoe. They are extremely stylish and on trend, and comfortable because they do not require lacing, but still have that smooth leather look and sleek finish of a dress shoe.

The casual boot is another shoe one might need when running to the store or for a quick bite to eat. The casual boot is durable and like its name, casual. They’re great paired with t-shirts and jeans, and can dress up a look in a street fashion-esq way.

Dress shoes and boots are perfect for many occasions, but there are some specific pairs of shoes that might suit different situations. With warm weather coming, those who wish to adopt a preppier look might want to invest in loafers, or a boat shoe. These shoes are breathable, comfortable, and perfect to wear on warm summer nights walking the boardwalk or getting ice cream with family or friends. They are an excellent summer shoe, and work really well when paired with shorts. Try the Sebago Schooner Boat Shoe to achieve a subtle but preppy springtime look.

Of course, no shoe collection is complete without sneakers. Contrary to popular belief, there are different types of sneakers, which serve different purposes. We’re not saying every man should own these different styles, but they are sure to expand your wardrobe should you invest in them.

The first sneaker that should be in every man’s closet is the minimalist sneaker. These sneakers are the most fashionable. Usually, they are black or white, and can be worn with regular clothing, not just active wear, which is what makes them really valuable. White sneakers are very much in style right now, and when paired with a mix of street style fashion and athlesure, the possibilities are endless.  The New Balance 577 Walking Sneaker is a great example of a crisp and casual white shoe.

The second sneaker, which is probably the most fun to own, is the retro sneaker. These styles are older sneaker brands that have made it back in style again. Converse, as well as Vans or even New Balance Sneakers have crept back into popular fashion, and while they may not serve the function of playing basketball or skateboarding they are incredibly fun to wear and also pair well with a wide range of outfits.

A lot of men are on the fence about this particular shoe, but with summer approaching, we urge that he sandal is an excellent footwear option. Sandals are breathable, versatile, come in different patterns and fabrics, and are a great way to dress down an outfit. Whether you are poolside, beachfront, or hanging out at a barbecue, sandals are vastly underrated and every man should have a pair. Our Tommy Bahama Anchors Ashore Leather Sandals are perfect for achieving that relaxed, summertime look.

Having options for footwear can make getting dressed much easier, and adding to your wardrobe is always a good thing. Many of these shoes won’t be going out of style anytime soon, so they are a great investment and can be obtained at an affordable price.