The Importance of A Well Tailored Suit

Buying a suit off the rack may seem easier and cheaper than buying a custom-tailored suit. While we can’t deny that it usually is cheaper, it’s not necessarily easier because you can spend hours trying to find one that’s “good enough.” Also, isn’t it worth paying more for a suit that makes you feel great wearing it? The extra money invested in tailoring will make your suits last longer because you’ll care about your clothes and won’t have to worry about the pants dragging on the floor or something splitting because the jacket is too tight.

Tailoring is necessary because companies produce off-the-rack clothing for the masses. This results in suits that are an average of several body types and fit none of those body types well. An additional benefit of tailoring is that, usually, better materials are used. Designers know that people tailoring their suits care about their clothing and are willing to pay more for quality.

Now that you know why tailoring is required, you’re probably wondering why tailoring will make you feel better wearing a suit. First, the suit will be cut to your body type, meaning it won’t look too big or too small. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and say, “Man, I look good.”

A suit that is too big looks unprofessional and sloppy. Save the oversizing for sweatpants and t-shirts on those days you don’t want to leave bed. With a properly tailored suit, the jacket sleeves will be in the right spot and won’t get in the way when you try to write something. The pants will hit the sweet spot on your ankle, so you won’t be tripping over them or feeling like you’re wearing your wife’s capris, and the inseam will be properly sized, so you don’t draw attention to that area.

At Frank’s Big and Tall, we know the value of a custom-tailored suit and have expert tailors on staff to make sure everything fits properly and you go home with your new favorite suit.