Three Pieces to Invest In

The idea of investing in clothing is not something we normally think about. Typically, it’s just the usual, “Oh I like that, I want to buy it.” But, there are some staple items that everyone needs to “splurge on” to keep in their closet.



One of the most simple items of clothing. All of our jeans, from Tommy Bahama and Levi to Lucky Brand and Wrangler, we make sure every man of every size has exactly what he’s looking for. Most guys wear jeans a lot throughout the week, so if you’re wearing something so often, why not make sure that the jeans you’re buying are the best quality and fit for you?



A lot can be said about you if you have on a good suit. What you wear in general says a lot about who you are, there’s no doubt about that, so why not make sure that only good things are going to be said about your wardrobe?

Investing in a good quality, tailored to fit just you suit is one of the number one things you should have in your closet. There’s nothing worse than trying to desperately hunt for the best suit days before an event and still not finding anything you need or want.



It sounds so easy, we know, but having a good pair of sneakers to rely on for weekends, gym trips, or just on the go, is essential. For the big and tall man especially, you want to make sure your shoes fit snug but never too tight; if you check online or in store, you can find that we have a size range to fit whatever your size is and in well-known brands.

Whatever it is you’re coming into the store for or shopping online for, you should know that you’re getting a good deal and quality clothing. Whether you’re investing in a new suit for that wedding coming up or you just need a t-shirt, you’ll be getting unmatched service and care.