Top 3 Mistakes When Outfit Planning

Let's face it, big and tall men have to approach fashion a little differently than average size men. You can't just walk into any old store and pull an outfit off the rack. Let's take a look at the top three mistakes big and tall men make when planning outfits.

1. Not Trying Things On

I know it's tempting to pick up some dress shirts in your normal size and be done with your shopping, but that's not a good idea for several reasons. Sizes vary from brand to brand, and if you aren't buying a brand specially made for big and tall men, chances are the sleeves will be too short and it won't be long enough to tuck in. Always try on the clothes you plan to buy, long before you need to wear them.

2. Not Planning Ahead

If you have a special event coming up, like a wedding, give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect outfit. One of the burdens of being taller than most men is that it's hard to find tailor-fitted suits and dress clothes at a last minute's notice. Start your shopping early, preferably at a store like Frank's Big and Tall, where you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Nothing is worse than settling for an outfit that doesn't quite work for you because you don't have any time left to shop.

3. Going Plain

Just because most stores don't carry clothes that fit you, doesn't mean you have to settle for plain generic styles. At Frank's Big and Tall, we carry all the latest fashion trends, as well as the classic standbys, so you can always look stylish in clothes that fit perfectly. 

Don't make any of these three mistakes when planning your outfits. Come to any of our Frank's Big and Tall locations in East Brunswick, Ocean Township or Morristown to stock up on essentials that were made just for you.