Looking bulky and staying warm go hand in hand this time of year.

At Frank’s Big and Tall, we want you looking sharp and staying cozy during the chilly days and nights of Winter.



1. Knit Sweaters
This season, knit sweaters will most likely be your go to. Regardless of how you wear them, you’re sure to be warm, comfortable, and stylish. Whether you'll be layering with a vest or you're just hanging out by the campfire with friends. Grab our versatile Izod Full Zip Reversible Vest.


2. DIY Hand Warmers
Did you forget to buy handwarmers during your rush to get a shovel and salt before the snow starts? No, worries, we’ve got you covered with DIY handwarmers and you probably have the supplies right on hand.  


Two (clean) socks
About a cup of uncooked rice or dry beans

1. Take one of your socks, open the hole a little wider, and pour in about a 1/2 cup of your rice or beans into the sock.
2. Repeat step one with your other sock.
3. Tie a knot at the top of each of your socks.
4. Place both the socks in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds.

And now you've got warm hands!

3. Layers
Layers. Layers. Layers.

Winter weather can be unpredictable. There is no doubt you will want to layer up when temperatures drop.

In the morning, you may have on three layers and still freeze. Then in the afternoon, all you need is a light jacket. Layers will allow you to easily adapt. You don’t want to be the only one going out in just a hoodie or just a long sleeve shirt and by the end of the day you’re either sweating or you’re freezing.

Been there, done that.

Here is one way you can layer:


When layering, pair items of the same color family for a quick and easy way to look polished.



Grab one of our famous “Only in NJ” t-shirts in your specific size and layer on a sport shirt and our Perry Ellis Quilted Puffer Vest. You will be lookin’ good and feelin’ good.




4. Eating
Eating the right food can help you stay warm even at the coldest of times. It might sound crazy, but bear with me.

According to Columbia Health, eating healthy fats during the cold season can help boost metabolism which will keep you warm and help you stay well during cold and flu season.
If you’re not so into eating the healthy fats, opt for more spicy and warmer foods like hot coffees, teas, soup, chili, etc.