Twitter and Big and Tall Fashion

Social media has a significant presence in our everyday lives. It shapes trends in pop culture and even fashion. One of the biggest players in social media is Twitter. So what can Twitter teach us about fashion trends, specifically in big and tall clothing? 


The hashtag "BigandTall" gives us a glimpse into the latest trends of this type of clothing. A quick search brings up hundreds of results, complete with pictures of models sporting the latest trends. 

Prints are Hot

Almost all the #bigandtall pictures feature button-down shirts in interesting prints. Light colors with dark prints are big right now, like this one from Luchiano Visconti, which can be paired with jeans or dress slacks, or even shorts. To make this trend work for you, choose prints in colors that are similar to your typical color pallet. 

Cargo is Back

While scrolling through your #bigandtall feed, you'll notice a 90's trend that has made a big comeback this season. Cargo shorts and pants are everywhere, and we're super happy about that. The extra pockets and durability bring practicality to fashion and works for just about every occasion. Try these cargo shorts from Izod with your favorite tee. You'll be all set for the weekend.

Plaid Sportcoats

For your formal work attire, go for plaids. Twitter makes it clear that classy can have a little flair this season. This blue plaid sportcoat from Jean-Paul Germain works for important business meetings as well as formal events on off hours. Plaid works for light and dark colors, so you don't have to wander too far out of your comfort zone to stay on trend.

Try any of these great Twitter trends today. Check out any of our Frank's Big and Tall locations in East Brunswick, Ocean Township and Morristown to browse our large selection of #bigandtall fashion.