What it Really Means to be Fashion Forward

In today’s society, there’s a lot of pressure on everyone to be fashion forward and free thinkers when it comes to style and what everyone else on the streets is wearing. Getting lost in all the fabric and patterns is easy to do, and being a big and/or tall guy doesn’t add to the equation. Sometimes it can feel like you can’t find anything to wear at all. We want to let you know- we get it!


Frank’s is here to help you know that being “fashion forward” is simpler than you may think.

Fashion forward doesn’t always have to be on point style every second of every day. It can mean when you have an event, you like to go all out. Or if you’re meant to dress fancy, you are the go-to guy. Our wide array of name brand clothes offer styles for your next wedding or the family barbecue.

Fashion forward also means staying in the know and that can be as simple as observing how others around you dress. Not everyone has time to pick up GQ or Men’s Vogue and take notes; but, during your lunch break, take a couple of minutes and people watch. How do some people tie their ties differently, or are some guys tucking shirts in and others not? Hint: you can check out our blog for tips and tricks on both!

Get innovative and step out of your comfort zone. Fashion is meant for you to stand out and for you to really tap into your creative side; this can be as crazy as trying a totally different style than you’re used to or it could be as easy as pairing colors together that you normally don’t wear as often.

Whatever you choose to do, know Frank’s is here to help. Our talented and dedicated staff members are a drive or a call away to help with your outfit and accessory needs.