Your Guide to Street Fashion

Passing people in the streets, it's nearly impossible to not notice the ways they put themselves together to head out into the world. Dressing fashionably every single day isn’t easy, especially if you’re just running to the store. However, street fashion is the perfect blend of a fashionable and relaxed look that is perfect for doing exactly what it says; hitting the streets.

While street fashion looks effortless and casual, it is anything but. To properly execute the perfect street look, there are some key elements that must be used. Street fashion doesn’t follow the rules. It is style-fluid, meaning that it is casual, edgy at times, sometimes athletic, and often urban. Combining all of these different styles for a cohesive look sounds daunting, but in reality, it has a pretty simple formula, at least at the most basic level.

What is really cool about street fashion is that it is so versatile that if you’re partial to only some specific styles, you can use them and combine them and it still works. Working with different styles can be challenging, but at the end of the day odds are you’ll look like a celebrity caught by the paparazzi, even if you’re just heading out for an hour.

Some key fundamentals to street style include denim jackets, bomber or leather jackets, hooded sweatshirts, joggers, jeans and sunglasses. The purpose is to look put-together by the process of throwing together and layering multiple clothing items. It should look as if you woke up and were running late, but managed to balance looking perfectly disheveled.

The most important rule of street fashion is to not overdo it. Stay far far away from loud colors and patterns. Neutrals are your best friends, and even a monochromatic look will assist you in the end. Street fashion is understated and refined. Also, using a neutral color scheme will help keep your outfit consistent.

A good rule of thumb for street style is to start with basics. Start with jeans or joggers in basic colors. A dark wash denim and a white t-shirt are a good start. The cool part about street style is you can make it your own, and by starting with a basic, dressed-down look, dressing up only becomes easier.

After figuring out which basic look works, this is how you will decide if you want to go for a more urban or athletic look, or for a preppier, classic look. Classier looks favor jeans, while urban or athletic looks tend to work really well with joggers. Remember that it is your personal preference in the end.

Next, depending on if you went jeans or joggers, you’re going to need another layer over your shirt. A lot of men use the basic gray hoodie as a tool for staying warm and neutral. At this point you’re still extremely casual, and the sweatshirt is what keeps it that way. Try to stay away from wearing a “groutfit” if you’re in joggers. Gray on gray rarely works well, unless you’re in your eighth grade PE class. Thermals are also a great tool for layering, but get creative with your choice of secondary layer, it might be better than what’s suggested.

Shoe choice is the more tricky part of this look. Sneakers pair really well with joggers. For a trendier look, try converse or a shoe that doesn’t check the typical sneaker box.  Converse, or even a nice casual boot will work well with jeans too, so they’re nice to have regardless. The boots can dress up a look without looking mismatched or too fancy. Try tucking the jeans into the boots or even cuffing them at the start of the boot.

Now what really pulls the ensemble together is the choice of jacket.  This choice varies on the style of the man, but denim works really well with any of these pairings, and bomber jackets, leather jackets, or peacoats also work.  Denim can be dressed up or down, so depending on the other elements you chose, odds are a denim jacket will look great.

Bomber jackets and leather jackets can also be dressed up or down, but tend to look less urban, depending on the way the jacket looks. If you're wearing a hoodie, it’s important to note that the hood should be pulled over the outermost layer/jacket and be visible. If you're wearing denim, pull the hoodie sleeves so they’re visible beneath the jacket and then the look will seem unified.

Once you’ve picked out your outfit, there are a few extras that you might want to add. Scarves are a great added touch depending on the weather, but again stick to basic colors and patterns. Another great touch are sunglasses. Sunglasses give people the impression that you are out and about doing your business. You look like a movie star, and you’re letting people know that whether they see you or not, you don’t really care.

Again, the point of street style is to mix and match styles, look effortlessly put together, and to most importantly feel comfortable. Really anything can work as street style, so experiment with what you have and most importantly have fun, and odds are you’ll put together something really great. No matter if you’re walking to the store, or down Rodeo Drive, you’ll turn heads with your amazing sense of street style.

Examples of Street Style: